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Jameson Miniature Whisky


Country: UK
Region: Scotland
ABV: 40.0%


Exceptionally smooth whisky, with  the sweet, nutty flavour, and the toasted wood and vanilla notes.

Jameson is the world’s No.1 Irish Whiskey;

Gold Medal by San Francisco World Spirits Competition Award (2008);                  
Silver Medal by San Francisco World Spirits Competition Award (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011);         

Bronze Medal by San Francisco World Spirits Competition Award (2007, 2012).

Jameson Irish Whiskey is distilled three times to deliver exceptional smoothness.                                                                     

Triple distillation is what makes us unique to American Whiskeys, which are typically only distilled once, and Scotch whiskies, which are usually distilled twice.                                    

This tradition began in 1780 with the Great Master Distiller John Jameson, who worked out that three distillations was best for his Jameson Irish Whiskey. But there is a little more to this precise craft, it's also about getting the perfect balance right.The balance between just the right amount of malted and un-malted barley to give a natural barley flavour.Balancing the exact proportions of triple distilled Pot Still Whiskeys and then triple distilled Grain Whiskeys to deliver exceptional smoothness.                                                      

Balance the sweet, nutty flavour from Sherry casks with the toasted wood and vanilla notes from Bourbon casks.         

Enjoy it as you like - neat, on the rocks or mixed in a long drink or cocktail.





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