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Asahi - 3 pack


Country: Japan
Region: n/a
ABV: 5.0%


Fresh, crisp and clear - with a sharp delivery that slakes thirst before slipping gently on.

It's been voted as a Cool Brand, by Superbrands Ltd, for 5 consecutive years. Asahi Super Dry, produced and sold in Great Britain, won the ''Champion Beer'' award, the top prize in the Keg Lager Division, at the brewing industry International Awards 2011 held in London.

Asahi beer was launched in 1892 by the Osaka brewing company and within 8 years had already won the Grand Prix at the Paris World Expo.

Born out of desire to create a beer that would compliment food, Asahi quickly became the most popular beer in Japan. And with a population of 127 million people, that’s saying something.

Now available in over 50 countries worldwide, the refreshing taste of Asahi Super Dry, with its 5%abv, has made a major impact in Europe where it's an established No 1 among discerning beer drinkers including the UK where it is the top selling Japanese lager.





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