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connoser alcohol delivery london


 (Residential and Business)

To deliver a complete beverage and food service, every day and late night with a 30 to 90 minute express delivery guarantee. Our portfolio consists of hand picked premium products across a spectrum of relevant categories within the sector.

The Drinks626 business model has been divided into specific areas within the industry to meet and exceed your delivery and service scales:

a) Food - To us using the same ingredients and techniques you would at home so everything looks and tastes homemade. Today, nothing’s changed (except we’re a bit better at it).

b) Bottled Water - Attention mothers, soon to be mums and non mothers - Let us take the strain of handling heavy crates of water upstairs or to your basement. Staying hydrated during pregnancy and breastfeeding is important. It is recommended that as a pregnant mother, you should drink 3 litres of water a day. It is therefore essential for you to choose the water service that is best adapted to all of yours and your baby’s needs.

c) Alcohol beverages - We appreciate that responsible drinking is a valued and an enjoyable part of celebrations in everyday life for most people who choose to drink. However, we recognise that some consumers cause harm to themselves and others when they drink irresponsibly. This is not good for them, for society or for our reputation, and we seek to do our part, working with others, to address this problem. Connoser takes great care to only market our portfolio responsibly to adults. We support programmes, practices and policies that address issues related to the misuse of alcohol including drink driving, underage drinking, and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Established as Drinks626 in 2008, we are a unique Very Important Person (VIP) service that has quickly built a reputation for delivering excellence. Our meticulous delivery processes have won acclaim from our elite and professional individuals.

We also service a wide range of businesses: in the lesiure industry, the banking and financial services sector, the media, private universities, and football clubs across London.

Covenience shopping has been taken to a whole new level, ensuring a dependable and reliable service, wherever and whenever you need it.



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